hatha yoga in Austin Texas
Perfected Master Meditation
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hatha yoga in Austin Texas

This technique uses a visualization to help students (even first time meditators) to experience profound meditative experiences. Students should maintain control of the process, and feel free to customize or adjust the exercise in whatever way feels right and works for them.

Please note that this visualization is included in Charles' CD, "Visualizations for Meditation" which is available on-line at CDBaby.com

Sit comfortably as if for meditation. Close your eyes. Visualize yourself in a cave.... Find your way out of the cave and discover yourself on a path with a hill to your right, and a valley to your left.... Follow the path to where it crosses a stream below a waterfall.Pause and relax as you look around....

Continue along the path till it ends in front of a closed door in a high wall stretching as far as you can see in both directions.... Open the door, if it is locked you will find a key under a rock by your right foot. As you pass through the door, you find yourself in the perfect meditation garden. As you door closes behind you, it shuts out the world.

Walk around and explore the garden. Is it a water garden? a bamboo garden? a Japanese moss garden? a formal European garden? Does it have wind chimes? rocks? gravel? When you find the perfect place to meditate, you turn your back on the space, and when you turn around again, you find someone else is already there, deep in meditation. It is a perfected master (or your higher spiritual self or just a cushion waiting for you to sit on it).... Look at this perfected master, and notice their posture, their face, their breathing, the effortless calm and serenity surrounding them.... Now move around to stand behind the Meditator, and then, on a count of 3, enter their body, as if it were your own.... Immerse yourself in their ongoing meditation.... Feel the garden around you with a certainty, that if you were to open your eyes, you would find yourself surrounded by that garden.... Notice how the garden helps to support your meditation. Sit quietly for 5 - 45 minutes.

When you are finished meditating, take a moment to visualize leaving the garden and returning to your body. Then take a few moments to stretch and release any tension.

hatha yoga in Austin Texas

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