hatha yoga in Austin Texas
Free Outdoor Meditation Classes in Austin Texas
On the Full Moon, with Charles MacInerney
hatha yoga in Austin Texas

Once a month, on or close to the Full Moon, Charles leads a free, outdoor Yoga and Meditation Class at a scenic overlook near 2222 and MOPAC. We do some gentle Hatha Yoga, a 20 minute Meditation, watch the sunset and the full moon rise, and then visit and enjoy the scenery.


These classes are free and are open to anyone, regardless of age or experience. Even well behaved pets are welcome. Please click here for details.

Charles has been leading this regular event since 1994, and often sees as many as 100 students at these gatherings when the weather is nice. He makes a point to show up regardless of the weather, even if it is raining... He just brings an umbrella and coat and enjoys walking in the rain. Of course he does not usually expect anyone else to show up in such weather, but if they do, they will find him on Mt. Bonnell, enjoying the weather.




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