hatha yoga in Austin Texas
Meditation Retreats
with Charles MacInerney

hatha yoga in Austin Texas

Sun/MoonCharles' favorite way to teach meditation is at meditation retreats. He regularly offers 8 day retreats in Mexico and Guatemala, and 3 day retreats at the Margaret Austin Retreat Center in central Texas.

A meditation retreat allows participants to immerse themselves in a calm and focused lifestyle and to go much deeper with their yoga, relaxation, visualization and meditation.

Over the course of a typical meditation retreat, participants benefit from 2-3 yoga classes a day each followed by a deep guided relaxation as a preparation for the featured meditation. Over the course of the retreat participants learn and practice 10-15 different styles of meditation, including concentration, sense-withdrawal, and even hands-on experience with GSR Biofeedback Equipment.

For more information about upcoming retreats please click here.

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