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hatha yoga in Austin Texas



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Raja Yoga retreats, Hatha Yoga retreats usa, Meditation retreats and Yoga and Writing retreats are held in Texas at retreat centers near Austin & Houston, as well as in Yelapa Mexico, Costa Rica and Lake Atitlan Guatemala. These Yoga vacations are led by Charles MacInerney who is often assisted by several yoga instructors from around the USA Mexico, and Guatemala. Charles has led over 80 retreats since 1991 and they continue to grow in popularity.

For those who want time for themselves, these retreats can be considered as a yoga vacation. For those who like to stay active, the retreats have a full schedule including two or more Hatha Yoga classes per day, meditation, workshops and excursions. Students are encouraged to pick and choose what they wish you participate in, and take as much time for themselves as they need. Read Testimonials at bottom of this page.




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"My husband and I had very little experience with yoga when we decided to sign up for this retreat with Charles. I came back from it wanting every person I knew to attend as it changed me in a way I can't describe. I thought I was going to learn a little more about yoga in a peaceful nature setting and I ended up learning and thinking about so much more. From mindful eating, to concentration, to living with focus and purpose, this retreat covered so much and inspired me in so many ways. And for a shy introvert the environment was so warm, inviting and comfortable. This retreat was good for every level and I truly look forward to attending another one. "
Kristy Estrello (and Brandon Pittman)

"I met Charles MacInerney at the 1999 Southwest Yoga Conference in Austin. I enjoyed his comments during the panel discussion and especially appreciated the opportunity to attend his Free Yoga class after the conference. He handled the overflow crowd at his studio quite smoothly and led a great program. I just returned from his December Raja Yoga Retreat at the Margaret Austin Center and have to tell you that it ranks among the best retreats that I have attended. He has a wonderful way of setting people at ease and creating an environment where participants feel safe expressing and exploring new ideas. I was able to find a deeper understanding of my own spirituality during his retreat, and am still enjoying the "high" almost a week afterwards. I found that he presented concepts in very simple terms and brought them to life with great examples from all walks of life, including his own! I have highly recommended his programs and web site to others, and look forward to connecting with him again in the future." Sue Gantz, Corporate Trainer, Yoga Teacher

"As an M.D., having practiced medicine for 25 years, I have become acutely aware of the critical importance of integrating "body, mind and spirit" if one is to achieve wholeness and lasting health. This mind/body creative experience was a wonderful opportunity for me personally to work toward that goal that I have long tried to stimulate in my patients but have often not been able to achieve myself. This workshop was for me a magical experience and indeed a sacred endeavor." Don Charles Wukasch, M.D. - Thoracic Surgeon, Houston Texas

"Charles, I am sending a belated note to thank you for the great time I had at the retreat. I also wish to say that when you showed us how to do alternate nostril breathing, it changed my daily headaches. Every time one hits, no matter (well, not completely) how bad it feels, a few minutes of alternate nostril breathing will give me hours of relief... All the work you put into the planning, hiring, instructing, guidance and leadership was appreciated. I had such a great time that I am hungry for more knowledge and more techniques in yoga and meditation and breathing.... I would recommend your retreats for anyone." Susan K.

"Charles always speaks from his heart. And his heart is so wise, so sweet... and so funny! Charles, the place, the other participants, the ideas, the emotions, the insights, the food, the fun -- everything about the retreat was extraordinary. It has been weeks since I attended Charles MacInerney's yoga and meditation retreat, but I still feel deeply affected by it. When was the last time you were so profoundly affected by something that it changed your life? What a profound experience. Thank you, Charles." Terry Masters Owner/Director of Master School

"I shall forever draw pleasure and reap benefit from what I experienced and learned at the Mind/Body Creative Writing Retreat. The exercising and nurturing of the body was balanced with the same consideration for the mind and soul. The structure commanded respect for self and others, creating a safe environment in which to let your hair down, take off your masks and work, relax and play - or just retreat from it all!" Jan Rasmussen

For more information about Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation retreats, held in central Texas, Costa Rica and Mexico please follow links to individual retreat pages.

Texas raja yoga retreats and hatha yoga retreats are held at the Margaret Austin Retreat Center near Brenham, between Houston and Austin. Yoga and Creative Writing Retreats are held at Alma de Mujer, a few miles West of Austin in the hill country. Mexico yoga and writing retreats are held in the small fishing village of Yelapa, near Puerto Vallarta. The Guatemala yoga and meditation retreats are held at Villa Sumaya retreat center on the shores of Lake Atitlan.